Chateauneuf – Le Fiacre du Pape 2007

One of those easy-going, unpretentious Chateauneufs that take me right back to hot, sunny afternoons sitting under a plane tree in a dusty village square as old men toss boules back and forth on the sand and smoke filter-less cigarettes of dark Turkish Continue reading

Old Wine

…sadly, I think it’s the last bottle we had left. Probably the only one left anywhere on earth. It’s sad that nobody but Holly, myself and our friend Brenda got to taste it… that Don Toribio whose grapes were in this bottle gave up winemaking and went back to his dairy farming. Continue reading

Corsica Tasting Notes

Antoine & Marie Arena                                                                       (Imported to USA by Kermit Lynch) 100% malolactic in all all wines   Grotte di Sole Blanc 08 Vermentinu, S exposure, 20 yr vines. 11 months fermentation on lees in SS vats. N : Floral, mineral Continue reading

Champagne Autreau de Champillon – tasting notes

On his last tour in France Peter found some Champagnes that our guests raved about and insisted we import. These wines have never been imported into the USA before, they’re from a top-class, independent family producer and offer outstanding quality Continue reading