Corsica Tasting Notes

Antoine & Marie Arena                                                                       (Imported to USA by Kermit Lynch)

100% malolactic in all all wines


Grotte di Sole Blanc 08

Vermentinu, S exposure, 20 yr vines. 11 months fermentation on lees in SS vats.

N : Floral, mineral

M : Riches, touches of caramel, white chocolate, white peach, apple. Great finish, carries thru whole mouth. Good acidity. (3.5 gr residual sugar)


Carco Blanc 08

Vermentinu, E exposure, 20 yr vines. 3-4 months fermentation on lees in SS vats.

N: More restrained, mineral. Less floral than Grotte

M: More lemon, orange, stones, shells but still with good richness. (0 residual)


B.G. 08

Bianco Gentile (re-introduced in 1995) on flat and high slopes.

N: Very Chardonnay-like with tight mineral Chablis-style.

M: Attack feels residual sugar, then stones, white pepper. Buttery – calls out for fois gras. Lemon & apple, but base is always rock. Excellent. (5 gr residual)


Morta Maio Rouge 07

Nieullucciu, 8 yr vines. (Cousin of Sangiovese)

N: Smokey port, prune

M: Very nice fruit, sold dry tannins


Carco Rouge 07

N: Reduced, but blew off in 10 minutes to blackberry.

M: Interesting notes of blackcurrant with touch of ginger & liquorice spices. Needs 5 years and food. Tannins more supple than Mora Maio, however.


Grotte di Sole Rouge 07

Still in SS vat, with some CO2.

N: Ripe, warm southern Rhone feel.

M: Tannins quite strong. Very nice fruit. Rich, with some touches of leather. 15% alcohol but doesn’t feel it.


Morta Maio Rouge 08

N: Plums

M: Very very nice. Lovely fruit, sweet plums, peaches. Soft tannins.


Muscat 08

Mutage only 3%, not the normal 4-5%

N: Toasted almonds

M: Very nice fruit, quince, pears, almond. Nice gentle touch of white cherry. Alcohol shows on end.


Muscat 07

From 400 litre barrel, had no mutage; fermentation stopped naturally by sugar level.

N/M: Excellent. As 08 but with more almonds and less alcohol on finish.


Vermentino Carco Vendange Tardive 04

Picked Nov/Dec at 24% potential alcohol

N: Vin Santo. Calls for biscotti.

M: Very fresh,  lots of dried figs, sultanas etc. Excellent.


Vermentino Carco Vendange Tardive 98

About 400 litres left in SS vat. Not for sale.

N/M : Incredible! Three distinct stages in mouth, from initial fresh citrus and flower blossom, through candied fruits, then comes back at end with candied hazelnuts and chestnut cream. Finish never ends, even after mouthwash was still there 10 minutes up the road.


$23-$57 Available in Europe & USA



Torraccia (Marc Imbart)

Oriu Rose 08 80/20 Sciacarello/Nieullucciu

N: Pleasant, light and floral.

M: Nice fruit, some tannins.


Oriu Rouge 01

N : Nicely aged nose with leather, spice, some touches of underwood

M: Soft smooth tannins, griotte cherries, touch of leather. Very nice and ready to drink.


Domaine de Torraccia Blanc 08

N : Mineral, wet stones.

M : Crisp minerality, wet stones and flint. More mineral bias than Patrimonio whites.


Oriu Blanc 08 (undergoes battonage on lees)

N: Mineral but with riper fruit than Domaine Blanc

M: More fat than Domaine, but still the same flinty minerality. With air in glass opens up with touches of orange, pineapple. Very nice.


$12-$38 Available in Europe only at present



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