The trip that was meant not to be

It seems the Smith contingent were not supposed to be at the family gathering this weekend. I didn’t mention in the story about the Flybe fiasco that my sister and brother-in-law were coming over from the Isle of Wight to drive us to Wales. We managed to let them know we weren’t coming so they could head straight up from the ferry without waiting for us, then found out the ferry had broken down also so they were about 90 minutes late anyway!

Next morning I’m checking email, and there’s a message from my sister to say they never got to Wales! The van broke down half way there and they ended up getting the AA out to start it. By then was after 8 PM so they turned around as they wouldn’t have got there till 10 and were afraid they might get stuck again.

Planes, ferries and automobiles… evidently we weren’t supposed to go!

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