More antics with the airlines!

Sam had her adventures last week; today it was the turn of Grampy and me.

Having spent the morning busting my chops to finish ripping up the floorboards in the cellar and slosh on the nasty poison to keep the woodworm away, we bolted down a lunch of stuffed aubergine/eggplant and drove at breakneck speed to the airport at Rennes, to catch a flight to Southampton, England. My uncle Mel and his wife are celebrating their joint 70th birthday in my dad’s hometown in Wales with a party at the village rugby club with about 120 of the closest family.

Of course we’re late, but luckily no traffic so we actually got there about 50 minutes before the departure time of 5 PM. Just in time to see the flight posted as delayed till 8:20 PM! Obviously no point in going at that time, as we’d arrive in England at 8:20 local with a 3 hour drive to Wales. Might just get there in time to wish everyone goodnight. What a bummer!

So apparently Flybe doesn’t consider flights refundable unless they’re 5 hours late… mmm, we’ll see. Got my email off to Customer Service as soon as I got back home – and got a reply right back – which said: “We would like to assure you that your comments have been forwarded to a member of the Customer Relations Team and you will receive a response within 28 days.” How about that? At least their machine read it, let’s see how long it takes for it to get to a human!

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