Sam’s travelling trials and tribulations, part 2!

Sam’s continuing saga, in her own words:

On Saturday monday, (Friday night east coast time), I left at 4:30 am from France to fly to Paris, then Paris to Chicago. Half hour too late to catch a flight to Syracuse. Sketchy hotel in Chicago and ordered pizza and watched Power Rangers and probably got bedbugs. Discussed the end of the world with the taxi driver the next morning.

Miraculously flew to Syracuse since all other NY flights were canceled. Found out past clients of my dad’s live there and spent the night with them – THANKS David and Nancy!! Today, took a $30 taxi to the station to find out all buses are canceled.

A jeweler, a Brown student and I hitched a ride with a man and his crazy mother-in-law Ethel who kept telling us to “read the clouds” during our scenic drive on the back roads of upstate. After 8 hours of driving what should normally be a 2 hour drive, we turned around and went back to Syracuse after using 3/4 of a tank of gas. The nice jeweler gave me a ride back to where I stayed last night and saved me another $30 taxi ride.

Roads don’t look good for tomorrow either. I may be overstaying my welcome here and staying another night in Syracuse. Just hope I find out whether the buses are canceled before I spend $60 going to and from the station tomorrow. Wish me luck! At least I have beds to sleep in this time. On my three day trip to Paris at the start of summer I slept in freezing airports instead!

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